2017 Journal Club Schedule

425 Latimer, 12:00-1:15pm

Date Person Molecule Topic
13-Jan Perea (±)-Andirolide N Total Synthesis
27-Jan Ree (+)-Mikanokryptin Total Synthesis
10-Feb Hardy (+)-7,20-Diisocyanoadociane Total Synthesis
24-Feb McCowen Lungshenin D Total Synthesis
10-Mar Canceled -- --
24-Mar Palani Maoecrystal V Total Synthesis
7-Apr Canceled -- --
21-Apr Gritsch Nakadomarin A Total Synthesis
5-May Stephens Welwitindolinone A Isonitrile Total Synthesis
19-May Gritsch Rippertenol Denksport
2-Jun Wang Pruniflorone U Molecule of the Moment
16-Jun Owens Phorboketal A Total Synthesis
30-Jun Finkbeiner Gelsenicine Denksport
21-Jul Kuroda Lannonitidine A Molecule of the Moment
4-Aug Doering Sinoracutine Total Synthesis
1-Sep Kerschgens Gaditanone Molecule of the Moment
15-Sep Canceled -- --
29-Sep Pfaffenbach (–)-Deoxoapodine Total Synthesis
13-Oct Roque Stephacidin B Denksport
27-Oct Johnson Sesteralterin Molecule of the Moment
10-Nov Ree Tetrapetalones A and C Total Synthesis
24-Nov Canceled -- --
1-Dec Perea Maoecrystal Z Denksport
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