Jim Newton

Jim "Luke Skywalker" Newton hails from Tantooine. Amidst the normal childhood of playing with hydrospanners and shooting Womp rats he dedicates Sundays to a certain Mr. Manning and his horses. He decided to leave Tantooine and travel to a galaxy far far away to head to Purdue for his undergraduate education where he worked with Professor Alex Wei on nanoporous gold surface enhanced Raman substrates. Sunny California, most resembling his far away home, seemed the most obvious place to do his Ph.D as he decided to switch to the dark side of chemistry: total synthesis (Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!!) Aside from constantly not knowing where he is and screaming, "That's not true...That's impossible....." (mostly when his reactions don't work) you can tend to find him in 842 blasting hard rock music.

Contact Information

Email: jnnewton at calmail dot berkeley dot edu