Jessica Kisunzu

Born in St. Louis, Missouri but quickly moving to Cary, Illinois, Jessica realized many things in her young life. After a very tragic badminton accident and an equally devastating disaster on the bowling lanes, she decided that she would spare many other potential victims by swearing off sports. As a result, Jessica quickly turned to chess as safer alternative. Becoming a superior player early in her career and conquering her middle school tournament, she turned to the world circuit and moved to France to study chess from renowned chess guru who is so amazing simply speaking his name is an act of chess blasphemy. After a vicious attack of her French mentor by one of his very own pawns, Jessica vowed to uncover which one it was and make him pay. She returned to the states and quickly began her studies of forensic sciences. Realizing halfway through her training that Pawns donŐt even have DNA and, thus, it would be impossible to employ her newly acquired CSI-like skills she looked to an alternative career. Remembering that the chemical aspects of forensics were by far the coolest, she decided that chemistry would be her lifeŐs work. After attending Southern Adventist University to further hone her chemical prowess, Jessica arrived at UC Berkeley in the summer of 2009. She keeps her dark past of athletic treachery and board game domination hidden from prying eyes, but if you provoke her in anyway, you may become yet another victim of JessicaŐs secret, but deadly, Rook-6 to Knight-4 move!

Contact Information

Email: jkisunzu at calmail dot berkeley dot edu