Jennifer Yen

Jennifer Yen was born and raised in the strange town of Sparks, Nevada. It is believed that she started her career as a gambling addict, but failed professionally as she was carried out of the casinos by two bouncers - one on each arm. A subsequent file for sexual harassment also failed. Coming to California for the first time was a complete culture shock for the small town girl. Her reaction was to lock herself in her room and act out scenes from her favorite anime series-Full Metal Alchemist. Needless to say, her "attempts" at alchemy led to her passion for chemistry and experimentation. Don't let the outer shell of this girl fool you; she isn't as quiet and innocent as you think. In fact, playing "god" with mice has landed her in some rather interesting predicaments. Both parties bite, and let's just leave it at that. She left that life and pursued her true interests. You can catch her 24/7 voluntarily locked up in room 844. Doing what? No one knows. For observational purposes only. Feed at your own risk!

Contact Information

Email: jen_yen at berkeley dot edu