Jenna Jeffrey

Jenna Jeffrey was born in Springfield, OR. Although she didnít exactly grow up on Evergreen Terrace, she still lived pretty close to the Simpson family. When she moved around the world she was devastated at the thought of losing friendships with Bart and Lisa, then she realized that she took the long way to move to Eugene and that Springfield was just across the river. She really didnít want to take another chance at losing the Simpsons forever, so she stayed in Eugene for college at the University of Oregon, where her diet consisted mainly of pizza, ice cream, pizza flavored ice cream (but NOT ice cream flavored pizza) and the occasional Squishy from the local Kwik-E-Mart. Although that all sounds fattening, Jenna worked off all the calories with her favorite hobbies, running and soccer (aka running with somewhat of a purpose). While at Oregon, Jenna worked with Mike Haley, who looks an awful lot like a relative of the groundskeeper from her elementary school days. Jenna, however, has one regret from her youth. She was never able to learn to skateboard, even from the greatest of teachers, Bart.

Contact Information

Email: jennajeffrey at calmail dot berkeley dot edu