Amy Hamlin

Amy Hamlin grew up in the Detroit suburbs (Livonia!) and feeling that they were a little too safe, was adamant about moving to Detroit proper for her post-secondary education at the University of Detroit Mercy, the undergraduate equivalent to St. Francis Academy (complete with Whoopi Goldberg). When she wasn't rocking out in suspenseful state choir tournaments that could save Detroit Mercy from being turned into a parking lot, Amy worked with Prof. Matt Mio on modifications of the Glaser and Cadiot-Chodkiewicz Coupling reactions. She also escaped one summer like a witness placed into hiding to the peaceful prairie (a.k.a. University of Illinois) where she worked with Prof. Christina White on the synthesis of (+)-allosedridine. But upset by the prospect of being able to walk places at night she decided to come to Berkeley. She can be found waiting for the night shuttle out side of Latimer to drive her two blocks to her apartment. Safety first, that's what Sister Mary Clarence always said...

Contact Information

Email: amy.hamlin at calmail dot berkeley dot edu