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Group Jobs
Job Person
Balances (832) Owens
Balances (836) O'Connor
Balances (837) Hugelshofer
Balances (842) Kerschgens
Balances (844) Bakanas
Balances (847) Kuroda
Bombs (PARR) Gritsch
Boom-Boom Room Gritsch
Butyllithium Titration Pfaffenbach and Ree
Chemical Death Row Blümel
Chemical Inventory Hardy and Perea
Computers Rovira
Dessicators Bakanas
Deutero Solvents Pfaffenbach and Blackford
Diazomethane Blümel and Ree
Electrical Shop Stephens
FVP Blümel
Gases Nagasawa
GCMS Wang and Jurczyk
Glass Shop Hugelshofer
Gloveboxes Wang and Roque
Group Room/Office Supplies Ree and Blackford
Group Photos Blackford
High Pressure Apparatus Lusi
HPLC (Chiral) Kuroda and Roque
HPLC (Prep) Rovira and Stephens
IBX Reagent Hugelshofer
Instrument Room Wang
IR Palani
Kugelrohr Hugelshofer
Lab Coats Bakanas and Johnson
LCMS Bakanas and Perea
Microwave Roque and Doering
NMR Owens and McCowen
Ordering Chemicals McCowen and Ree
Ordering Disposables Palani, Blümel, O'Connor
Ordering Salts O'Connor
Ordering Solvents Palani
Ovens (832) McCowen
Ovens (836) Perea
Ovens (837) Palani
Ovens (842) Nagasawa
Ovens (844) Bakanas and Gasser
Ovens (847) Kou
PARR Hydrogenator Gritsch
Photobox Kuroda and Roque
Printers Doering and Lusi
Polarimeter Gritsch
Posters Lusi
Receiving Chemicals Visiting Scholars
Refilling Ethanol/Pump Oil Visiting Scholars
Safety Officer Jurczyk and Hardy
Safety (832) Johnson
Safety (836) Perea
Safety (837) Blümel
Safety (842) Kerschgens
Safety (844) Wang
Safety (847) Kou
Sample Library Gritsch, Kou, and Stephens
Silica Gel and TLC Plates O'Connor
Stills and Solvent System Jurczyk and Nagasawa
TLC Stains Jurczyk
Vacuum Pumps Stephens
Webpage Rovira
Yamazen Blackford and Lusi