Current Group Members
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Primary Investigator
Richmond Sarpong
B.A. Macalester College
Ph.D. Princeton University
Postdoc Caltech

Post-Doctoral Scholars
Philipp Gritsch
Ph.D.: Leibniz U. Hannover
Joined: October 2016
Cedric Hugelshofer
Ph.D.: LMU Munich
Joined: February 2017
Nick O'Connor
Ph.D.: Caltech
Joined: March 2017
Shota Nagasawa
Ph.D.: Tohoku University
Joined: June 2017
Alexander Rovira
Ph.D.: UC San Diego
Joined: February 2018
Solène Miaskiewicz
Ph.D.: University of Strasbourg
Joined: May 2018
Maximilian Haider
Ph.D.: Vienna University
Joined: July 2018
Goh Sennari
Ph.D.: Kitasato University
Joined: September 2018

Graduate Students
Brian Wang
B.A.: Cornell U.
Joined: October 2014
Jose Roque
B.S.: Florida International U.
Joined: June 2015
Nicolle Doering
B.S.: UC Santa Barbara
Joined: October 2015
Melissa Hardy
B.A.: Grinnell College
Joined: October 2016
Shelby McCowen
B.S./M.S.: UT San Antonio
Joined: October 2016
Vignesh Palani
B.S.: U. of Minnesota
Joined: October 2016
Melecio Perea
B.S.: New Mexico Highlands U.
Joined: October 2016
Hwisoo Ree
B.Sc./M.Sc.: Korea U.
Joined: October 2016
Ian Bakanas
B.S.: Rowan University
Joined: June 2017
Katie Blackford
B.S.: Smith College
Joined: October 2017
Justin Jurczyk
B.S.: Allegheny College
Joined: October 2017
Robert Lusi
Sc.B.: Brown University
Joined: October 2017

Administrative Assistant
Meggie Zimmerman
Joined: 2018

Visiting Scholars/Summer Students
Krissada Norseeda
Visiting from: Chulabhorn Royal Academy
Joined in: February 2018
Irene Gimenez Nueno
Visiting from: Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Joined in: May 2018
William Kayitare
Undergrad: Jackson State University
Joined in: June 2018
Nicolas Mueller
Visiting from: LMU Munich
Joined in: June 2018
David Soro
Undergrad: Macalester College
Joined in: June 2018
Kerry Jones
Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara
Joined in: July 2018
Johanna Proessdorf
Visiting from: Technical University of Munich
Joined in: July 2018
Jin Su Ham
Previous institution: KAIST
Joined in: July 2018
Yinghua Wang
Visiting from: University of Tokyo
Joined in: August 2018
Alina Eggert
Visiting from: University of Hannover
Joined in: September 2018

Current Group Members | Former Group Members