Gary Gallego

Born and raised in the safest city in all California, and probably the world - Mission Viejo - Gary Gallego loves his home state. Growing up, he enjoyed playing a wide variety of sports, but he was even more ready to challenge any unsuspecting takers to a game of Smash Bros. (Only on N64! GameCubes and Wii's are only poor imitations). Armed with the trusty microscope he had since childhood, Gary went to study at Cal State Fullerton, where he spent a few years denying his inner chemist by studying biology. Organic chemistry changed his mind, however, and he finished his years there working in the labs of Prof. Chris Hyland. After a quick walking tour of Europe, he continues his steady trek north here to UC Berkeley, where he spends his spare time searching for a good place to find fireworks and participating in video game challenges.

Contact Information

Email: ggallego at calmail dot berkeley dot edu