Erica Schultz

Erica Schultz grew up in Owatonna, MN. She moved to St. Paul, MN to attend Macalester College where she started as an art major and spend the time she wasn't in the art studio covered head to toe with paint working in the total synthesis of (9Z, 11S, 16S)-octadeca-9,17-diene-12,14-diyne-1,11,16-triol with Prof. Rebecca Hoye. After graduating with a degree in chemistry (and not art), she moved down under where she worked on an organic food farm in the rain forest and spent her free time chasing after crocodiles-she never caught any. Discovering that living in a rain forest was not for her, Erica move back to St. Paul and worked at the local water treatment plant but quickly realized that she missed total synthesis. She moved to Berkeley during the summer and checked into her new hood in 837 Latimer.

Contact Information

Email: eschultz at calmail dot berkeley dot edu