Group Documents

Purchase Order Form
Group Room User Manual
How to Use Endnote
n-Butyllithium Titration Instructions
Industry Heterocycles
Characterization Template

Data and Logs

Solvent Properties
Syringe Diameters
TLC Plate Template
Common TLC Stain Recipes
TLC Stains-General Reference
Yamazen Log
Waste pH Treatment Log
Liquid Waste Log
Chemical Signout Sheet


Advanced NMR Instructions
Mass Spec Submission Form
Microanalysis Submission Form
Solvent System Walkthrough

Group Meeting Warm-Ups

Amino Acids
Amino Acids Answer Key
Bond Dissociation Energies
Bond Dissociation Energies Answer Key
Bond Lengths and Interaction Energies
Bond Lengths and Interaction Energies Answer Key
D-Orbital Splitting
D-Orbital Splitting Answer Key
Heterocycles Answer Key
Monosaccharides Answer Key
Nucleobases Answer Key
Periodic Table
Periodic Table Answer Key
pKas Answer Key

Templates (Save link instead of opening)

Sarpong Presentation template (Chemdraw)
Sarpong Lit template (Chemdraw)
Sarpong Paper template (Chemdraw)
Sarpong 1D NMR template (MestreC)