Christine Yang

Raised on the mean streets of Redondo Beach, California, Christine Yang learned at the tender age of five the true meaning of "survival of the fittest." After fighting her way through grammar school, junior high, and eventually high school, "Killer" Yang earned her reputation as a tough-as-nails broad (though don't call her one to her face lest your left eye be unimportant to you), and worked as a lounge singer in the darkest corners of the shadiest cities in America. Growing disillusioned with the night scene, however, she eventually moved to Berkeley to attend school and major in chemistry. During her years here at Cal, Christine has enjoyed a lucrative career as an organic chemist, and has earned the respect of her fellow Sarpong Group members (through sheer intimidation). Her goals in life are to attend graduate school and excel in chemistry. Christine is Rated R for violence and gratuitous use of profanity.

Contact Information

Email: chris_y at calmail dot berkeley dot edu