Eric M. Bunnelle

Eric "Big Pimpin'" Bunnelle hails from Mundelein, Illinois, and is the only member of the Sarpong group to have appeared on both the David Letterman Show and Oprah Winfrey. Though Eric once starred in a candy commercial, he avoided the trappings of other child actors, choosing science over temptations of Hollywood. His "mad flava" for chemistry developed first in high school at the Illinois Math & Science Academy, then as an undergrad at the University of Illinois, under the tutelage of Prof. Wilfred van der Donk. Before coming to Berkeley, Eric spent a summer as a researcher at Abbott Labs. He averages 1.2 meals per day, leading some members to believe that he is secretly either a superhero or a camel. To read more about Eric's contributions to the Smithsonian, check out his webpage.

Contact Information

Email: bunnelle at berkeley dot edu