Brian Pujanauski

Brian "Puj" Pujanauski was born and raised in and around Washington DC. Although details are sketchy, it is believed that as a child he was involved in genetic experiments involving the DNA of a polar bear and a hummingbird, as this seems to be the only possibility extreme enough to account for his high tolerance to the cold and even higher metabolism. Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear Da Puj proclaim that he is starving, as he has not had anything to eat in 45 minutes. He has also been known to (literally) scavenge foodstuffs from the ground to satiate his intense hunger. After attending the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Puj relocated to frozen wastes known as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he worked in the labs of Helen Blackwell, followed by subsequent work at biotechnology company MirusBio Corporation. In addition to his already notable characteristics, the Puj has also gained a degree of notoriety in the Sarpong lab for his patriotic choice of undergarments, and more over his willingness to display them at the literal drop of a hat.

Contact Information

Email: bgpujanauski at berkeley dot edu