Andrew Marcus

Andrew "Andronicus" Marcus was born in the quiet mountain town of Ardsley, New York in 1979. Initially raised with the intention of inheriting the family's produce stand, Andrew discovered his love of chemistry at age 11 when he nearly blew off his left arm in a freak accident with an illegal firework. Fortunately he was able to regain use of his hand through surgical attachment of an Empire Strikes Back-style robotic prosthesis and though the scars have faded with time, his passion for science has only grown stronger. Andrew's academic career began at Harvard University where he spent a year and a half conducting research in the lab of Greg Verdine. After graduating in 2001 he had a three-year stint working at the small bio-tech firm Tularik in South San Francisco before returning to the academic world to pursue graduate studies. In addition to chemistry, Andrew enjoys the outdoors, especially base jumping, and has an extensive collection of antique books.

Contact Information

Email: apmarcus at berkeley dot edu