Amy Lee

Amy graduated from Gunn High School in Palo Alto. She likes sports and was on the Gunn hurdling team for three years. But right now, the only sport Amy is doing at Berkeley is running between classes. Itís enough to keep her healthy and in shape. Amy once liked to arm-wrestle with her 15 year-old brother. Last summer, she beat him, but then he did a lot of pushups and challenged her again during winter break. She declined the offer, so she still holds the title of arm-wrestle champion.

Amyís mom has a dream that Amy can be an artist some day. She hung Amyís paintings everywhere in the house. However, Amy only scored 2 on her AP exam for Studio Art, so she decided to explore a different field. Amy took an interest in chemistry after she took organic chemistry 3A during her first semester at Berkeley. Later, she took 3B and found herself increasingly interested in the subject.

Contact Information

Email: pandahurdler at berkeley dot edu