Allen Hong

Allen Hong is originally from San Francisco, but he spent most of his pre-college years in San Jose and Hilliard, Ohio. He is a fourth year undergrad who decided to major Chemical Biology after getting fired up by his first organic chemistry course. This past summer, he got to do some interesting synthesis projects during an internship with Gilead Sciences and the QB3 (California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research) program. He joined the Sarpong group in Fall 2005 to work on the total synthesis of a complex fused ring scaffold involving strained ring intermediates.

Allen divides most of his time between lab research, tutoring organic chemistry, writing for hardboiled magazine, educational outreach work, and teaching a DeCal course. Whenever he's not doing any of those things, he ventures out in search of good food or whips up some Chinese-Vietnamese dishes in the kitchen.

Allen's current ambitions are to train for the Bay to Breakers race in SF, study abroad in China, expand his cooking skills, and making the most of his last year at Cal.

Contact Information

Email: ayhong at berkeley dot edu