Alison Hardin Narayan

Alison Hardin Narayan was raised in Cheboygan, Michigan and went to high school in Frakenmuth, aka “Michigan’s Little Bavaria”. Almost accepting an offer to become a professional polka dancer and beer drinker (“Ein Prosit!”), she decided instead to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. There she spent her time between the labs of John Wolfe making substituted THF rings and running Dance Marathon, a non-profit organization. Giving up all traces of sanity, she decided to work in the Sarpong Lab as a summer student. Her journey to Berkeley didn’t take too long; if you are driving at 90 mph in your Civic while singing “Hip to be Square”, nothing is. She just signed a renewable lease in Latimer 844, and is in the process of moving her wardrobe in, one outfit at a time. Living conditions are tough, (as having a dragon for a roommate tends to be), but that never gets her down. She carries an infectious laugh in her purse, and is not afraid to use it!

Contact Information

Email: alison dot hardin at gmail dot com