Roya Maboudian


Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Science and Technology Graduate Program
Associate Director of Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems (COINS)
University of California at Berkeley
201 Gilman Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel: (510) 643-7957
Fax: (510) 642-4778


Ph.D. in Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology , Pasadena, CA.
M.S. in Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.
B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.


Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, July, 2002 – present.

Associate Director, NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center On Integrated Nanomechanical Systems (COINS), University of California, Berkeley, August, 2004 – present.

Faculty Investigator, Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS)

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, July, 1998 – June, 2002.

Faculty Affiliate, Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC), University of California, Berkeley, 1994 – present.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, July, 1993 – June, 1998.

Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering and Center for Quantized Electronic Structures (QUEST), University of California, Santa Barbara, October, 1991 – June, 1993.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, August, 1988 – September, 1991.

Research Interests:

Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Systems: surface and materials processes in M/NEMS technology; surface interactions in microfluidic environments; reliability issues associated with materials failure; microchemical systems; high temperature materials for power sources on a chip; harsh-environment sensors; nanowire based sensors; environmentally benign processing and manufacturing; nanomanufacturing.

Surface and Thin-Film Science and Engineering: atomic and electronic structure of surfaces; dynamics of gas-surface interactions; structure vs. mechanical properties of thin films; micro- and nano-mechanics; adhesion, friction and wear (tribology) characteristics of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems; bio-inspired materials design; biologically inspired dry adhesives; bio-mechanics; self-cleaning surfaces; surface functionalization; self assembly.

Semiconductors: fabrication processes for silicon, silicon carbide and diamond based technologies; surface chemistry of oxidation, passivation, etching, growth, and doping; atomic-scale manipulation of surface chemical, electrical and mechanical properties; heteroepitaxy; metal/semiconductor interface.


Thermodynamics (CHE 141) 
Solid State Devices and Processing (CHE 179)
Surface Science (CHE 295S)
Unit Operations Laboratory (CHE 154)

Transport Processes Laboratory (CHE 157)

Awards and Honors:

Physics Today, research on high-friction microfibers highlighted, October 2006.
Y.C. Tang International Scholars Lectureship, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, PRC, November 2005.
Science News, research on Adhesion in MEMS highlighted, July 2000.
New Scientist, research on MEMS friction highlighted, October 1998.
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), White House, 1998.
DOE Defense Program Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 1998.
Beckman Young Investigator Award, 1996.
Hellman Family Award, 1996.
National Science Foundation Young Investigator (NYI) Award, 1994.
National Academy of Sciences' Sixth Annual Symposium on Frontiers of Science, 1994.
AT&T Foundation Special Grant Award, 1993.
IBM Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 1991.
Awarded Alexander von Humbolt Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1991.
Clyde L. Cowen Physics Student Award, Catholic University of America, 1982.
American Institute of Electrical Engineers’ EASCON Student Award, 1981.


American Chemical Society
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Physical Society
American Vacuum Society
Materials Research Society
Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society


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