The Saykally Group

Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Recent Honors and Awards

2021 Paul C. Cross Lecture in Physical Chemistry
(University of Washington)

2019 The Claude and Janice Trottier Lectures
(University of Rhode Island)

2019 Helmholtz International Fellowship Award
(Helmholtz Society, Berlin)

2019 SCS Lectureship
(Swiss Chemical Society)

2018 BESE Distinguished Lecturer
(KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

2018 Jean Dreyfus Lectureship
(Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

2018 E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy
(American Chemical Society)

2017 Keynote Speaker NANOLYTICA 2017
(Simon Fraser University)

2016 E. Roger Washburn Memorial Lectureship in Physical Chemistry
(University of Nebraska)

2014 CaSTL (Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit) Lecturer
(University of California-Irvine)

2013 W. A. Noyes Distinguished Lecture in Physical Chemistry
(University of Austin, Texas)

2012 Royal Society of Chemistry Faraday Lectureship Prize
(Royal Society of Chemistry)

2011 CGSS Distinguished Lecturer
(University of British Columbia)

2011 A.C. Albrecht Lectureship
(Cornell University)

2011 J. C. Bose Memorial Lecturer
(Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata)

2011 Morris Travers Lecturer
(Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

2011 Golden Jubilee Thematic Lecturer
(Indian Institute for Technology, Delhi)

2011 Institute Distinguished Lecturer
(Indian Institute for Technology, Kanpur)

2011 Chemistry Student Advisory Committee Lecturer
(University of Utah)

2010 Marple-Schweitzer Lectureship
(Northwestern University)

2009 Harold S. Johnston Lectureship
(Emory University)

2009 Frontiers in Chemical Physics and Analysis Lecturer 
(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

2009 Faculty Senior Scientist 
(Chemical Sciences Division, LBNL)

2009 Peter DeBye Award in Physical Chemistry 
(American Chemical Society)

2008 Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer
(Wayne State University)

2008 ICI Distinguished Lecturer
(University of Calgary)

2008 Inaugural International Solvay Chair in Chemistry

2008 Abbott Lecturer
(University of North Dakota)

2007 Frank T. Gucker Lectureship
(University of Indiana)

2007 Charles M. Knight Lecturer
(University of Akron)

2007 Robert S. Mulliken Lecturer - Center for Computational Chemistry
(University of Georgia)

2006 The Hinshelwood Lectureship in Physical Chemistry
(Oxford University)

2005 The Morino Lectureship
(Morino Foundation of Japan)

2004 Ernest O. Lawrence Award in Chemistry
(U.S. Department of Energy)

“For the invention of velocity modulation spectroscopy of molecular ions; for the development of far-infrared vibration-rotation spectroscopy of radicals, clusters and carbon chains; for the elucidation of the structure and potential energy surfaces for water clusters; and for the development and application of cavity ring down spectroscopy techniques.”

2004 Joannes Markus Marci Medal
(Czech Academy of Science)

“For outstanding scientific contributions and discoveries in molecular spectroscopy”