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Helmholtz-Preistrager geht dem Wasser auf den Grund

Swiss Chemical Society Lectureship 2019

The Subtle, but Significant, Role of Surfaces in Ion Stickiness

Second-harmonic generation with soft X-rays probes buried interfaces

Probing the buried interface between graphite layers

High coherence and intensity at FERMI enables new X-ray interfacial probe

Viewpoint: X-Ray Probe Targets Interfaces

E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy: Richard J. Saykally

APXPS Finds Carbonate Reversal at Liquid Interfaces

Synchrotron Sheds (X-ray) Light on Carbon Chemistry at Ocean Surfaces

Unravelling the Mysteries of Carbonic Acid

Ingenious: Richard Saykally

Five Things We Still Don't Know About Water

New insights on carbonic acid in water

Making a Good Thing Better: Berkeley Lab Researchers Open a Possible Avenue to Better Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Batteries

UC Berkeley researchers observe like-charge attraction between ions

California Colloquium on Water (video!)

"Water Surface is Acidic"

Science time at Piedmont schools: MASERS program introduces local middle schoolers to science in a big way

Water molecules spark big dispute: Stanford, Berkeley scientists battle

Water: Dissolving the Controversy -- Science@Berkeley Lab 10/27/05

"Energetics of Hydrogen Bond Network Rearrangements in Liquid Water" -- Advanced Light Source Highlight 5/24/05

"Nature-Of-Water Makes For A Mighty Splash As Debate Continues" SpaceDaily Article 11/12/2004

"Water Makes a Splash"--EurekAlert Article 11/11/2004

"Nature-of-Water Question Makes Another Splash"--Berkeley Lab Research News 11/4/2004

"The New Mystery of Water" LiveScience Article

"The Sacred Balance--TV/Film Series"

KALX (UC Berkeley) radio show "On the Record" discussing water (Rich Saykally's interview starts at 10:00), 3/31/2004

Science "Perspective" on ions at water/air interface, 2/20/2004

Science "Editors' Choice" for EXAFS of surface of water and methanol, 11/1/2002

Nature "News and Views" for EXAFS of surface of water and methanol, 10/31/2002

Science "Editors' Choice" for NEXAFS of hydrogen-bonding at water surface, 3/15/2002

UC Berkeley press release for NSOM of single nanowire lasers, 12/20/2001

Science "Editors' Choice" for NSOM of single nanowire lasers, 11/9/2001

CNN's coverage of Rich Saykally receiving the Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics from the American Chemical Society, 3/27/2000


Public Letctures

What Makes Water Wet? The Latest Word on the Most Important Molecule in the Universe
May 15, 2010

California Colloquium on Water: What Makes Water Wet?
May 8, 2001