The Saykally Group

Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Group Meetings

Join us! Thursday at 6 PM in 775 Tan Hall on campus. Food and refreshments provided as always!

Date Speaker Title
September 6 Research Highlights, Future Directions, and Group Overview
September 13 Will Cole Probing Adsorption Dynamics with Angle-Resolved Resonant Second Harmonic Scattering
September 20 Chris Hull Resonant Deep Ultraviolet Electronic Second Harmonic Generation (DUV-ESHG) Spectroscopy of Anions at Aqueous Interfaces and X-ray Scattering of Carbon
October 4 Yue Sun [Location Change to Latimer 425] Resonant Deep Ultraviolet Electronic Second Harmonic Generation (DUV-ESHG) Spectroscopy at the Platinum/Water Interface
October 11 Hikaru Mizuno Broadband Deep Ultraviolet Electronic Sum Frequency Generation (DUV-ESFG) Spectroscopy at the Air/Water Interface
October 18 Nathan Odendahl (UCB, Geissler Group) [Location Change to Latimer 425] Microscopic behavior of interfacial water and its consequence on surface phenomena
October 25 Erin Creel (LBNL, The McCloskey Lab) Driving Selectivity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction with Plasmonic Photocathodes
November 1 Richard Thurston (LBNL, AMOS Group) TBA
November 15 Nir Goldman [Location Change to Latimer 425] TBA
November 29 Sumana Raj Chirped Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) of Liquid Carbon and Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG)
December 6 Michael Jacobs (LBNL, Wilson Group) Photoinitiated Self-Assembly in Droplets