The Saykally Group

Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Group Meetings

Join us! Thursday at 6 PM in 775 Tan Hall on campus. Food and refreshments provided as always!

Date Speaker Title
February 8 Hikaru Mizuno Broadband DUV-ESFG Spectroscopy of Anions at the Air-Water Interface
February 15 Chris Hull, Sumana Raj Investigations of Liquid Carbon
February 22 Scott Ellis Routes to Probing Liquid Carbon
March 1 Michael Jacobs Accelerated Chemical Kinetics in Droplets
March 8 Will Cole Angle-Resolved Non-Resonant SHG scattering of Buried Interfaces
April 5 Chris Hull Resonant DUV-ESHG Spectroscopy of Anions at the Air-Surfactant Interface (Latimer 433)
May 3 Erin Creel Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction on Plasmonic Electrodes
May 10 Dan Miller TBA
May 17 Sumana Raj Chirped CARS of Graphite and Liquid Carbon
June 28 Scott Ellis TBA
TBA Nir Goldman TBA