The Saykally Group

Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Group Meetings

Join us! Thursday at 6 PM in 775 Tan Hall on campus. Food and refreshments provided as always!

Date Speaker Title
August 31 Will Cole Terahertz VRT Spectroscopy of the Water Hexamer: Librations not Libations
September 7 Hikaru Mizuno Probing CTTS Transitions of Ions at the Air-Water Interface with Broadband DUV-SFG
September 14 Royce Lam Soft X-Ray SHG
September 21 Erin Creel Using Plasmonic Metals to Alter the Selectivity of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
September 28 Sumana Raj Chirped CARS of HOPG and Liquid Carbon
October 12 Chris Hull SHG Spectroscopy of Thiocyanate at Oil-Water and Air-Water Interfaces
October 19 Michael Jacobs Exploring Chemistry in Microdroplets in a Branched Quadrupole Trap
November 2 Steve Harris Simultaneous Operando Measurements of the Local Temperature, State of Charge, and Strain inside a Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pouch Cell [LOCATION: LATIMER 403]
November 9 Scott Ellis Coherent Raman Processes [LOCATION: LATIMER 433]
November 30 Will Cole Angle Resolved Second Harmonic Scattering as a Probe of Interfacial Ions