The Saykally Group

Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Group Meetings

Join us! Thursday at 6 PM in 775B Tan Hall on campus. Food and refreshments provided as always!

Date Speaker Title
January 31 Sumana Raj, Chris Hull Spectroscopy of Liquid Carbon
February 6 Gregory Veber, Raymond Blackwell Joint GM with Fischer Group: Carbon (Wed., 6 PM, 433 Latimer)
February 7 Xuejing (Aurora) Yang, Berkeley Water Center Perooxymonocarbonate: A new species of H2O2 in situ chemical oxidation for soil and groundwater remediation
March 21 Prof. Himanshu Mishra (KAUST) [Location change: Latimer 433] Director's Cut: How We Unentangled the Electrification at Water-Hydrophobe Interfaces
March 28 No Group Meeting - Spring Break
April 4 Dr. Liane Moreau (LBNL) X-Ray Absorption Studies of 5f Nanoparticle Formation in Covalent Organic Frameworks
April 11 Dr. Steve Harris Probing Electric Double Layer Composition with in-situ Vibrational Spectroscopy and Molecular Simulations
April 18 No Group Meeting
April 25 Shane Devlin Probing Electronic Spectra of Organic Molecules at the Air/Water Interface with Broadband Deep Ultraviolet Electronic Sum Frequency Generation (DUV-ESFG) Spectroscopy
April 25 Frank Bernal Probing Ion Adsorption at the Metal-Water Interface using Deep Ultraviolet Second Harmonic Generation (DUV-ESHG) Spectroscopy
May 2 Michael Jacobs (Wilson Group, LBNL) Photoinitiated Self-Assembly in Droplets
May 9 Gokul Kannan, Anthony Benjamin, Jeremy Chien Cooling Mechanisms of Primordial Stars
May 16 Will Cole Probing Adsorption Dynamics with Angle-Resolved Resonant Second Harmonic Scattering (AR-SHS)
May 23 Alexander Prophet (Wilson Group, LBNL) Measuring Uptake Coefficients for the Simplest Criegee Intermediate onto Organic Aerosol Surfaces
May 30 Hikaru Mizuno Probing Electronic Spectra of Anions at the Air/Water Interface with Broadband Deep Ultraviolet Electronic Sum Frequency Generation (DUV-ESFG) Spectroscopy
June 6 No Group Meeting
June 13 Erin Creel (LBNL, The McCloskey Lab) Driving Selectivity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction with Plasmonic Photocathodes
June 20 Liron Cohen (Wilson Group, LBNL) Fenton Chemistry - A Surface Reaction?
June 27 Chris Hull Resonant Deep Ultraviolet Electronic Second Harmonic Generation (DUV-ESHG) Spectroscopy of Anions at Aqueous Interfaces
July 4 No Group Meeting
July 11 Richard Thurston (LBNL, AMOS Group) Untitled
July 18 Sumana Raj Probing Liquid Carbon with Soft X-ray Free Electron Laser Spectroscopy
July 25 Anthony Garcia (U.C. Merced) TBA
August 1 TBA TBA
August 8 TBA TBA
August 15 TBA [Latimer 433] TBA