Recent Publications


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S1. Rais, D.; Bergman, R.G. "Synthesis and Reactivity of the Monomeric Late Transition Metal Parent Amido Complex [Cp*Ir(PMe3)(Ph)(NH2)]" Chem. Euro. J. (in press).

S2. Krumper, J.R.; Nolin, K.A.; Bergman, R.G.; Toste, F.D. "A New Mechanism for the Catalyic Hydrosilylation of Carbonyl Compounds: Isolation and X-ray Structure Determination of a Siloxyrhenium(V) Hydride Complex" J. Am. Chem. Soc. submitted for publication.

S3. Ruck, R.T.; Bergman, R.G. "Zirconium-Mediated Conversion of Amides to Nitriles: A Surprising Additive Effect" Angew. Chem. (in press).

S4. Anderson, L.L.; Arnold, J.; Bergman, R.G. "Catalytic Hydroamination of Alkynes and Norbornene with Neutral and Cationic Tantalum Imido Complexes" Org. Lett. (in press).

S5. Krumper, J.R.; Gerisch, M.; Magistrato, A.; Roethlisberger, U.*; Bergman, R.G.*, Tilley, D.T.* " 1-Arene Complexes of Rhodium(III): Experimental Evidence and Theoretical Studies" J. Am. Chem. Soc. (accepted).

S6. Blum, S.A.; Bergman, R.G.* "Nitro and Nitroso Metathesis Reactions with Monomeric Zirconium Imido Complexes" Organometallic(accepted).

S7. Corkey, B.K.; Taw, F.L.; Brookhart, M.*; Bergman, R.G.* "Aromatic and Aldehyde Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation at Cationic Rh(III) Centers. Evaluation of Electronic Substituent Effects on Aldehyde Binding and C-H Oxidative Addition" in progress.

S8. Tan, K.L.; Park, S.; Ellman, J.A.*; Bergman, R.G.* "Intermolecular Coupling of Alkenes to Heterocycles via C-H Bond Activation" J. Am. Chem. Soc. submitted for publication.

S9. Krumper, J.R.; Veltheer, J.; Martin, R.L.; Hay, P.J.; Bergman, R.G.* "Synthesis and Reactivity of the Hydrido- and Alkyl-Rhenium Methylidene Complexes Cp*(PMe3)2(R)Re=CH2, R = H, CH3" J. Am. Chem. Soc. submitted for publication.

S10. Yung, C.M.; Skaddan, M.B., Bergman, R.G.* "Stoichiometric and Catalytic H/D Incorporation by Cationic Iridium Complexes: A Common Monohydrido-Iridium Intermediate" J. Am. Chem. Soc. (accepted).

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S12. Fiedler, D.; Leung, D.; Raymond, K.; Bergman, R.G. "Selective Molecular Recognition, C-H Bond Activation, and Catalysis in Nanoscale Reaction Vessels" Acct. Chem. Res. submitted for publication.

S13. Cordaro, J.G.; Bergman, R.G. "Dissociation of Carbanions from Acyl Iridium Compounds: An Experimental and Computational Investigation" J. Am. Chem. Soc. submitted for publication.

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