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Robert G.Bergman

Gerald E.K. Branch Distinguished Professor


Professor Robert G. Bergman is a member of the

Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

and the Chemical Sciences Division of the

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Professor Bergman is approaching retirement and has closed his laboratory. The Research Interests page of this website summarizes research areas in which his group has recently been involved. He will continue to teach and participate in other department and university activities, and will also maintain contributions to collaborative research efforts that involve jointly supported and advised coworkers, several of which are included in the Research Interests and the Publications sections. Persons interested in joining these projects should contact the faculty members who have been collaborating with Prof. Bergman.


Research Interests:

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry: Synthesis and Reaction Mechanisms - New organic, inorganic and organotransition metal compounds are being synthesized. These materials are used to develop and study new chemical reactions and the reactive intermediates involved in these transformations, and to explore applications in homogeneous catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, and organic synthesis.