Mathies Research Group

Our research is focused in two areas:

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We are located in the third floor of Lewis Hall. Please browse our site and feel free to visit our labs or send us questions.

Raman Group Research

The Raman Group uses laser spectroscopic techniques including resonance Raman spectroscopy, time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy, picosecond and femtosecond time-resolved absorption spectroscopy to study chemical and biological reaction dynamics with a particular focus on the mechanism of photoactive proteins and condensed phase chemical reaction dynamics.

Recent projects include: 1) picosecond time-resolved Raman investigations of the primary photochemistry of rhodopsin, 2) microchip flow resonance Raman experiments to elucidate structures of rhodopsin intermediates, 3) sub-picosecond time resolved vibrational techniques, and 4) studies of the excited-state structure and dynamics of the solvated electron.

DNA Group Research

The DNA Group works primarily on the development of high-performance microfabricated genetic and biochemical analysis systems. We do CE. These novel devices are being developed for the Human Genome Project, for high-speed, high-throughput DNA sequencing, for forensic and health care diagnostics, and for extraterrestrial exploration, DNA computing, point-of-care genetic analyzers, cellular interfacing, and pathogen detection.

Mathies Research Group - 307 Lewis Hall. Chemistry Department, U.C. Berkeley. Berkeley, CA 94720 - 510.642.5599