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Back row, left to right: Yizhi, Steve, Layne, Easun, Jaffar, John, Grant
Front row: Phill, Katie, Pratima, Dayton, Andreana

 2017 Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting
 Weekly Stat Mech Seminars

Research Focus

Our research is focused on the statistical mechanics of biological polymers, of heterogeneous materials, and of chemical dynamics in aqueous environments. Although these topics are physically diverse, they are unified by features of disorder and strong non-covalent interactions among many molecules. As such, they are amenable to similar approaches and can sometimes be understood in common terms. Exploiting this connection, we devise analytical and computational methods to reveal the underlying organization of complex systems at the frontiers of biology, chemistry and materials science.

Our group is affiliated with the College of Chemistry, Biophysics Graduate Program, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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