Former Group Members

Ramin Khajeh

Nadine Schwierz

personal page

Eoin O Laighleis

Todd Gingrich

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT
tgingrich at

personal page

Suri Vaikuntanathan

Current position: Assisant Professor, University of Chicago
svaikunt at

personal page

Evan Wang at

Laura Armstrong

armstronglaura at

Julian Weichsel

weichsel at

personal page

Patrick Shaffer

patrick.shaffer at

Anna Schneider

aschn at

personal page

Chris Ryan

cjryan at

Michael Gruenwald

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Utah
michael.gruenwald at

personal page

Carl Rogers

carlrogers at

Evan Hohlfeld

Current position: Post-doc at UMass Amherst
hohlfeld at

Sean Cray

Current position: Graduate student at UCSB
seanpcray at

Joseph Harder

Current position: Graduate student at Columbia University
jwymbs23 at

Sucheol Shin

Current position: Graduate student, MIT
sucheol at

Brian Gin

Current position: UCSF Medical Student
ginbg at

Asaph Widmer-Cooper

Current position: ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia
a.widmer at

Sander Pronk

Current position: Researcher, University of Stockholm
pronk at

Steve Whitelam

Current position: Staff Scientist, LBNL
swhitelam at

Andrea Pasqua

Current position: Scientist, MSCI Barra
andreapasqua at

David Sivak

Current position: Assisant Professor, Simon Fraser University
dsivak at

David Moler

dbmoler at

Wei Zhang

missweizhang at

Joyce Noah-Vanhoucke

Current position: Scientist, Archimedes

Brad Compton

bcompt at

JiYeon Ku

Current position: Scientist, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
jiyeon.ku at

Lutz Maibaum

Current position: Postdoc, Pande Group, Stanford University
lutz.maibaum at

Will Browne

wkbrowne at

Kateri DuBay

Current position: Assistant Professor, Univeristy of Virginia
dubay at

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