The College of Chemistry Seismic Retrofit Project began with over 60 surge projects to relocate occupants out of upper Hildebrand. Interruptions to daily activities in the college, while inevitable, were kept to a minimum. The project ended successfully in Spring of 2002.

Please visit the links below to follow this three-year process.

Project Updates.

This is a link to project updates.

  Construction Photos.

This is a link to photos of the construction.

  D-Level Hildebrand Construction Celebration Picnic Photos.

    This is a link to photos of the June 21, 2001 D-Level Hildebrand Seismic Celebration Barbeque.

  Town Hall Minutes.

This is a link to town hall meeting minutes.

  Seismic Designs.

This is a link to the seismic drawings provided by Anshen & Allen Architects.

  U.C. Berkeley SAFER Program

This is a link to the U.C. Berkeley SAFER Program (Seismic Action Project for Facilities Enhancement and Renewal) homepage.

  Emergency Preparedness in the Home and at the Work Site

This is a link to a booklet compiled by the College of Chemistry Physical Plant Team. This booklet also contains links to earthquake supply and training resources.

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