[Oct 2009] Single crystalline mesoporous nanowires, Nature Materials, Research Highlights.


[July 2009] ScienceWatch featured interview on our nanolaser research.


[May 2009] Congratulations! Marty, for receiving the Benjamin Boussert Memorial Award.


[April 2009] Congratulations! Erik, for winning the 2009 MRS Graduate Student Award!


[April 2009] Congratulations! Allon, for winning the 2009 ACS, Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Young Investigator Award!


[April 2009] Journeys across the membrane, Nature Methods, Technology Feature.


[March 2009] Vertical nanocavities. Nature Materials, Research Highlights.


[March 2009] Innovation: A clean start for green power, New Scientist


[Feb 2009] Silicon/TiO2 core-sheath nanowire arrays with enhanced photoactivities. Research Highlight, Nature Photonics.


[Feb 2009] Thermally stable Pt/mesoporous silica core-shell nanoparticle catalysts, Nature Materials Cover highlight, News & Views.







[Nov 2008] MIT Tech Review: Self-assembling Optics


[Aug 2008] Melissa received LEOS JC Young Scientist Award at 2008 i-NOW conference in Japan.


[Aug 2008] Adv. Mater. 20th Anniversary: Landmarks in Materials Science.


[June 2008] Sub-2 nm gold nanowires synthesized.


[May 2008] Erik is one of the Big Ideas@Berkeley Award recipients.


[April 2008] Innovations: Down to wire


[April 2008] Andrea received IUPAC Young Chemist Award. The award ceremony will be at the 42nd IUPAC Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, August 2008.Congratulations!


[April 2008] Nature Mater.: gated proton transport in mesoporous silica.


[March 2008] Susan and Akram (for his work at Caltech) received MRS Graduate Student Award at 2008 MRS spring meeting, Congratulations!


[Feb 2008] On assembling nanowires with optoelectronic tweezers, Nature Photonics, 2, 85, 2008.

                                 Cover highlight

                                 News & Views

                                 Nanowire get sorted


[Jan 2008] 25 brilliant California ideas: Solar Paint.


[Jan 2008] On silicon nanowires with enhanced thermoelectric performance, Nature, 451, 163, 2008.


         Nature, N & V

         LBNL press release


         Chemistry World, UK

         IEEE Spectrum

         MIT Tech Review





[Dec 2007] Scientific American 50 Award: Stem Cell Control


[Dec 2007] Nature Materials: InGaN nanowires with tunable bandgap.


[Nov 2007] Peidong is among the top 100 most cited chemists.


[Nov 2007] Peidong was recently included in isihighlycited.com.


[Sept 2007] According to ISI, we are among the top-3 most cited researchers in Materials Science (1997 - 2007), with highest average citations over 150 per paper.

[August 2007] C&EN cover story highlights our nanowire solar cell work.

[August 2007] According to ISI Science Watch, our nanowire solar cell paper (Nature Mater. 4, 455, 2005) becomes one of the most cited paper.

[August 2007] Interview with Nature Photonics, News & Views.

[July 2007] LBNL Lab View profile.

[July 2007] On epitaxial shape control of binary metal nanocrystals, Nature Mater. AOP.

         New York Times


         Nature Highlight

         Nature Mater: News & Views

[July 2007] Andrea’s paper on tunable plasmonic lattice is featured as cover story in Nature Nanotechnology.

[June 2007] Andrea wins the prestigious UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship, Congratulations!

[June 2007] On Nanowire nonlinear optical probe, Nature, 447, 1098, 2007 (Also featured on cover).

         LBNL press release

         Nature Nanotechnology


         MIT Tech Review


         Photonic Spectra

         Biophotonics International

         Nanomaterials News

         Nature Methods

         MRS Bulletin

[June 2007] On silicon nanowire interfacing with stem cell.


         New Scientists


         MIT Tech Review


         Science News

         Biophotonics International


         Trend in Biotechnology

         Science@Berkeley Lab



         American Ceramic Society Bulletin

[May 2007] On our M3 emitter technology.

         LBNL press release

         Chemistry World, RSC

[May 2007] On 2007 NSF Alan T. Waterman Award.

         NSF press release





[May 2007] Peter wins the prestigious Lawrence Fellowship, Congratulations!

[April 2007] Berkeley Nanotechnology 2007: Rongrui is the 2nd place poster award winner, Allon is the People’s Choice Award winner, Congratulations!

[April 2007] Taleb is one of the 2007 winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists. Also, Josh is the Honorable Mention Award winner. Congratulations!

[March 2007] Dip coating: A new line-up, Nature Nanotechnology.




[Dec 2006] Nanoscale optical sensors: Brightness helps, Nature Photonics.


[Nov 2006] Peter Pauzauskie, MRS Graduate Gold Award, 2006 Fall, Congratulations!


[Nov 2006] Nanofluidic Transistor work was highlighted in a recent review article by Prof. R. Tenne, in Nature Nanotechnology.


[Nov 2006] WHAT DOES NANOFLUIDICS HAVE TO OFFER? Analytical Chemistry


[August 2006] Our work is highlighted in the first issue of Nano Lab Watch, Technology Research News.


[July 2006] Congratulations to Jiaxing for receiving 2006 National Starch and Chemical Award, American Chemical Society.


[July 2006] Congratulations to Andrea for receiving 2006 the Tomas A. Hirschfeld award, the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies.


[June 2006] Nanotube Research Leaves GaN with a Hollow Feeling, Science Watch.


[May 2006] Nanowires stand tall, Technology Research News.


[May 2006] Congratulations to Matt for receiving the 2006 IUPAC Young Chemist Award!


[April 2006] Congratulations to all the MRS award winners! MRS Graduate Gold Award: Rong; MRS Silver Award: Lori & Andrea; and Best poster award: Rongrui.


[April 2006] Josh and Allon’s VINFET work was reported in Nanowired”, ScienceMatters@Berkeley.


[April 2006] Josh and Allon’s VINFET work won the first prize at the 2006 Berkeley Nano Forum!


[April 2006] Peter’s paper on Nanowire Ring Lasers is published in Phys. Rev. Lett. (96, 143903, 2006.)


[April 2006] According to ISI, our 2001 Nanowire Nanolaser paper in Science is the most cited paper in nanowire field, with over 1200 citations so far.


[April 2006] Congratulations to Steve for receiving the NSF Graduate Fellowship!


[March 2006] According to ISI, we are among the top-10 most cited researchers in Materials Science (January 1, 1995 - December 31, 2005), with average citations over 100 per paper.


[Feb 2006] Polarized Raman Confocal Microscopy maps nanowires, Photonic Spectra.


[Jan 2006] Heart Cut, Jan 9th, American Chemical Society.


[Jan 2006] Let the sun shine in”, California Monthly




[Nov 2005] Patterning nanocrystals without lithography, See Jiaxing/Franklin/Andrea’s work in Nature Mater.


[Oct 2005] Nanowires and nanoribbons route photons, Laser Focus World.


[Oct 2005] Transistor Flow Control: Forget valves--controlling fluids with electric fields, Scientific American.


[September 2005] Liquid Transistor, Voltage controls fluid transport through nanochannels, MIT Tech. Review.

[August 2005] “Shuttle ions in nanochannelsMicro/Nano.

[August 2005] Inorganic MenagerieC & EN Cover story.

[August 2005] Nanospectroscopy, one drop at a time” Biophotonics International.

[August 2005] Nanoscale structure route light”, Photonic Spectra.

[August 2005] Ions feel the field effect”, Physical Review Focus.

[August 2005] Nanofluidic detection of DNA molecules”, Materials Today.

[August 2005] Nanowire solar cell: Building photovoltaics out of nanowires”, MIT Tech. Review.

[July 2005] Nanowire network routes light”, Technology Research News.

[July 2005] “Coming: Photonics system-on-a-chip”, MICRO/NANO, R&D Magazine.

[July 2005] Dye-Sensitized solar cells get wired”, Materials Today.

[June 2005] “Researchers create first nanofluidic transistor, the basis of future chemical processors”, UC, Berkeley. Physorg.com; Science Daily News

[June 2005] Jiaxing is one of the 2005 winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists, Congratulations!

[June 2005] Matt was named as one of the first Young Investigator Symposium awardees for Division of Inorganic Chemistry, ACS, Congratulations!

[June 2005] “Nanofluidic transistors control flow, Materials Today.

[June 2005] “A few steps closer to nanoscale photonic technology, Berkeley Lab View.

[May 2005] Dr. Yiying Wu (the first graduate student of the Yang Group) accepted the assistant professor position at Ohio State University. Congratulations!

[May 2005] Don/Peter, Matt/Lori, Rong, and Franklin/Steve/Jiaxing win first and second place poster awards at Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum 2005.

[April 2005] Josh’s GaN nanotube paper (Nature 2003) is one of the most cited papers in Chemistry: Science Watch.

[Feb. 2005] Small Colorful Ribbons for Nanoscience” (Highlight), Small.



[Nov. 2004]Life in the Small Lane”. Berkeley Science Review.

[Nov. 2004]Nanoribbon Waveguides Suited for Photonic Circuits”, Photonics Spectra

[Oct. 2004]Controlled Nanowire Growth Promises Better Materials”, OE magazine.

[Aug. 2004] Matt and Don's paper on "Nanoribbon waveguides for sub-wavelength photonics integration" was published in Science. It was also in the news highlights.

[Aug. 2004]Tev and Peter's paper on "Crystallographic Alignment of High Density Gallium Nitride Nanowire Arrays" was published in Nature Materials and featured on the cover. It was also in the news highlights and C&EN.

[Aug. 2004] Peidong received the ACS Award in Pure Chemistry sponsored by the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity and Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation.

[Aug. 2004] Peidong and the Group received the Outstanding Performance Award from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

[July 2004] Franklin's paper on "Platonic Gold Nanocrystals" was published in Angewandte Chem. Int. Ed. and featured on the cover. It was also in the news highlights.

[June. 2004] Read the Research Corp Newsletter about our nanowire work.

[April. 2004] Peidong receives the Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

[March. 2004] SmallTimes and Popular Mechanics take notes on our nanowire research.

[Feb. 2004] Our nanowire research was named as a top 10 Emerging Technology by MIT Tech Review.

[Jan. 2004] Peidong received the Outstanding Young Investigator Award (2004). He will give a talk in Symposium X (Frontier of Materials Research) at the Spring MRS meeting.

[Jan. 2004] Josh's GaN nanotube research was highlighted in C&EN.


TV Coverage

[2005] First nanofluidic transistor, CCTV.

[2004] Wired MD, Channel 3 NBC

[2004] Wired MD, ScienCentral

[2001] World’s smallest UV nanolaser, CNET