Group Members

The Ginsberg Group is always on the lookout for highly motivated graduate students/postdocs interested in innovating, building, measuring, and reflecting on the scientific projects outlined here.

Please contact Professor Ginsberg to learn more!

Student offices are in D62 Hildebrand

Phone: 510-643-9155

Graduate Students:

Lucas Ginsberg

Fifth Year Graduate Student, Chemistry                        
lucas.ginsberg --AT--

B.S. Chemistry, University of Rhode Island, 2013

Brendan Folie

Fifth Year Graduate Student, Physics                        
bfolie --AT--

B.S. Physics, Harvey Mudd College, 2011

Rebecca Wai

Third Year Graduate Student, Chemistry                        
rbwai --AT--

B.S. Chemistry, Haverford College, 2015

Trevor Roberts

Second Year Graduate Student, Chemistry                        
troberts --AT--

B.A. Chemistry, University of Chicago, 2016


Milan Delor

milan.delor --AT--

PhD Chemistry, The University of Sheffield, 2014

Connor Bischak

cgbischak --AT-- 

Thesis: Elucidating heterogeneities and dynamic processes at the 
nanoscale with cathodoluminescence and cathodoluminescence-
activated microscopies 

B.S. Chemistry, Haverford College, 2010
PhD Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2017 

Lab Alumni:

Former Graduate Students:

Ben Cotts

PhD Chemistry, 2016                        

Thesis: Time-resolved optical spectroscopy of organic electronics as a 
function of local environment 

B.A. Chemistry, Carleton College, 2011

Now a Presidential Management Fellow and Operations Research 
Analyst at U.S. Energy Information Administration

Sam Penwell

PhD Chemistry, 2016

Thesis: Spatially Resolving Dynamics and Nanoscale Migration of 
Excitons in Organic Semiconductors Using Transient Absorption Imaging 
and STED Microscopy 

B.S. Chemistry, University of Wisconsin Madison, 2009

Now a postdoc in Andrei Tokmakoff's group at U Chicago (website)

Former Postdocs:

Cathy Wong

PhD Chemistry, University of Toronto, 2011

Now a professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon (lab website)

Dave Kaz

PhD Physics, Harvard University, 2011

Now a R&D Scientist at Agilent Technologies

Craig Hetherington

PhD Physics, UC Berkeley, 2011

Now at Illumina

Rodrigo Noriega

PhD Applied Physics, Stanford, 2013

Now a professor of chemistry at the University of Utah (lab website)

Clarice Aiello

PhD Electrical Engineering, MIT, 2014 

Now a postdoc at Stanford University

Former Undergraduates:

Hannah Howard

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2013

Hao Wu

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2015

Now pursuing a PhD in Chemistry in the Murthy Lab at Harvard University

Jake Precht

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2015

Now pursuing a PhD in Chemistry in the Ginger Lab at the University of 

Claire Stachelrodt

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2015
Now at Next Energy Technologies

Brandon Luo

Dannielle McCarthy

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2016

Thesis: Tuning Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence 
through the Solid State Solvation Effect 

Now pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Stanford University