Bioanalytical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry

The Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratories are located at 8, 12 & 20 Lewis Hall.

For questions about the Analytical Facility call the lab at (510) 642-0701 or
For questions about the Leary Research Group call the lab at (510) 643-0914 or
Send us a FAX at (510) 642-9295
Julie A. Leary (510) 643-6499
Dr. Chris Petzold
Current Students
Hong Gao
Na Pi
Ola Saad
Yonghao Yu
Colleen Kirkup
Leslie Stanton
Grace Chen
Mike Hoang
Previous Students
Melissa Wheeler
Dr. Heather Desaire
Dr. Sara Gaucher:
Dr. Michael Leavell:
Tammy Sirich
Melanie Lam