Carbon dioxide sequestration will need to be considered as an method to counteract rising temperatures and climate change. Although there are many challenges associated with CO2 capture and storage, this study presents one method for which this can be done using methane hydrates.

In particular, we tried to highlight the following points:

  1. 1)A vast quantity of CH4 hydrates exist both in the ocean floor and in permafrost. These hydrates are stable for the time being, but rising global temperatures has caused them to start to become unstable.

  2. 2)Using CO2 to recover the methane allows for the sequestration of carbon dioxide while recovering a valuable fuel feedstock. Pilot plants and research projects have already begun to examine the recovery of methane from gas hydrates.

  3. 3)Many more engineering challenges need to be overcome before this technology can be implemented, but the idea has the potential to solve many societal issues including energy independence and climate change.

But most importantly, this technology could work without having to wait for the political system to establish laws regarding carbon capture and sequestration. This is because the process has the potential to make money without any government intervention and could therefore become an economical business venture.