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Amber and Senja’s work is on the cover of J Chem Theory Compute 

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DNA-inspired MOFs as micro reactions

The work of Sam and Peter in Nature Communications. For the article here


On the homepage of EPFL here

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News in Views in Nature

Seth Cohen wrote a nice Nature News & Views (see here) on our work (see here) about Chemical Intuition.


Interview with Radio Swiss about failed experiments


Les riches enseignements des expériences ratées

Lors dʹune découverte scientifique, seuls les résultats de lʹexpérience réussie sont publiés. Or, pour arriver à une découverte scientifique publiable, il faut souvent beaucoup dʹéchecs et dʹintuitions. Des chercheurs de lʹEcole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) ont développé une méthode pour récolter toutes ces tentatives ratées rendues invisibles et ces intuitions volatilisées pour les valoriser.

On en parle avec Berend Smit, chef du Laboratoire de simulation moléculaire de l'EPFL, interrogé par Anne Baecher.

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Mohamad and Arunraj’s article in Nature Communications


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Cover of Advanced Functional Materials

Alina’s work appeared on the cover of Advanced Functional Materials. More details on the article can be found here

New material cleans and splits water

Article of Alina on the home page of EPFL, see here


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Is This New Super Carbon Better Than Graphene?

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A video about Efrem’s article

Generating carbon schwarzites

Article of Efrem in PNAS more details here


For a video describing the story:

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Cover of Advanced Functional Materials

Valizadeh et al-2018-Advanced Functional Materials

Bardiya’s beads are now on the cover. More info on the article can be found here

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