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We ended on the cover with our article Similarity-Driven Discovery of Zeolite Materials for Adsorption-Based Separations

(ChemPhysChem 16/2012) (page 3561)

Dr. Richard L. Martin, Thomas F. Willems, Li-Chiang Lin, Dr. Jihan Kim, Joseph A. Swisher, Prof. Dr. Berend Smit and Dr. Maciej Haranczyk

DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201290074

A tool for identifying optimum zeolite frameworks for gas separations at a fraction of the cost of molecular simulation is presented on p. 3595 ff. by M. Haranczyk et al. The method is based on identifying property-determining substructure features and searching material databases for geometrically similar arrangements of framework atoms. The approach is deployed to screen a database an order of magnitude larger than has been examined in previous studies.

More details are here

New project: Nanoporous Materials Genome Center

In this new project supported by Basic Energy Sciences of the Deparment of Energy we will work with groups from different universities to develop novel computational techniques that can be applied to metal organic frame works.

More can be found on the NMG website

Winterschool: Mol Sim 2013 in Amsterdam

Organized for the 12th(? or!) time the anual winterschool in Amsterdam. For more information see the CECAM website, here

Interview: Frontiers in Energy Research: October 2012

Nanosolutions for Grand Challenges

Interview with Berend Smit, Director, Energy Frontier Research Center for Gas Separations Relevant to Clean Energy Technologies

You can find the interview by Jaroslaw Syzdek here.

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