World famous in Berkeley (part 2)

A YouTube video has been made of a lecture I gave on carbon capture for the The Philomathia Foundation Symposium at Berkeley: Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future My lecture starts at 1:05:31 but the other lectures are recommended!

Capturing carbon

In the face of rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, chemical engineering professor Berend Smit would be the first to agree that the best way to sequester carbon is in the form of coal. “In other words,” Smit says, “never burn it in the first place.” But he is skeptical that, no matter how much priority is given to energy alternatives and increased efficiency, the planet’s coal reserves will remain underground. “Humankind,” he says, “needs a Plan B.”

Together with chemistry professor Jeff Long, Smit is heading a new Department of Energy-funded Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC). 

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