Publication in Nature Materials

Some recent work of us about carbon capture appeared in Nature Materials

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L.-C. Lin, A. H. Berger, R. L. Martin, J. Kim, J. A. Swisher, K. Jariwala, C. H. Rycroft, A. S. Bhown, M. W. Deem, M. Haranczyk, and B. Smit, In silico screening of carbon-capture materials Nat Mater 11 (7), 633 (2012)


One of the main bottlenecks to deploying large-scale carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) in power plants is the energy required to separate the CO2 from flue gas. For example, near-term CCS technology applied to coal-fired power plants is projected to reduce the net output of the plant by some 30% and to increase the cost of electricity by 60–80%. Developing capture materials and processes that reduce the parasitic energy imposed by CCS is therefore an important area of research. We have developed a computational approach to rank adsorbents for their performance in CCS. Using this analysis, we have screened hundreds of thousands of zeolite and zeolitic imidazolate framework structures and identified many different structures that have the potential to reduce the parasitic energy of CCS by 30–40% compared with near-term technologies

MOVE: methane storage

A new project! We are going to work together with Joe Zhou of Texas A&M on developing materials for methane storage. This project will be supported by the MOVE (Methane Opportunities for Vehicular Energy) project of ARPA-e.

See the press release of Texas A&M and ARPA-e (Department of Energy).

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