Article in Nature Communications


A surprising deformation of the lattice as an alternative explanation of the SAXS profile observed in Omar Yaghi’s group. More information can be found here.

Article in PNAS

Cory and Efrem’s work on linker flexibility in MOFs in PNAS. 

Significance: Some nanoporous, crystalline materials possess dynamic/flexible constituents, for example, a ligand that can rotate. Much like the induced-fit model of enzyme–substrate binding in biology, these dynamic moieties often change conformation when gas molecules adsorb. Such flexible constituents may endow nanoporous materials with enhanced properties for gas storage and separations, chemical sensing, drug delivery, and catalysis. We developed and solved a statistical mechanical model of gas adsorption in a porous material with a rotating ligand that is shared between cages. Our model contributes a more intimate understanding of gas adsorption in nanoporous materials with moving parts and lends insights into how to harness these dynamic constituents for adsorption-based processes.

More information can be found here

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