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For those of your who like statistics and citation scores; these are compiled here from the Web of Science and here on Google Scholar.

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Evaluating different classes of porous materials for carbon capture

J. M. Huck, L.-C. Lin, A. Berger, M. N. Shahrak, R. L. Martin, A. Bhown, M. Haranczyk, K. Reuter, and B. Smit, Evaluating different …

A hybrid absorption–adsorption method to efficiently capture carbon


H. Liu, B. Liu, L.-C. Lin, G. Chen, Y. Wu, J. Wang, X. Gao, Y. Lv, Y. Pan, X. Zhang, X. Zhang, L. Yang, C. Sun, B. Smit, and W. …

In silico Design of Three-Dimensional Porous Covalent Organic Frameworks via Known Synthesis Routes and Commercially Available Species


R. L. Martin, C. M. Simon, B. Medasani, D. K. Britt, B. Smit, and M. Haranczyk, In silico Design of Three-Dimensional Porous Covalent …

Comprehensive study of carbon dioxide adsorption in the metal-organic frameworks M2(dobdc) (M = Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn)

W. Queen, M. Hudson, E. Bloch, J. A. Mason, M. Gonzalez, J. Lee, D. Gygi, J. Howe, K. Lee, T. Darwish, M. James, V. K. Peterson, …

Reversible CO Binding Enables Tunable CO/H2 and CO/N2 Separations in Metal-Organic Frameworks with Exposed Divalent Metal Cations


E. D. Bloch, M. R. Hudson, J. A. Mason, S. Chavan, V. Crocellà, J. D. Howe, K. Lee, A. L. Dzubak, W. L. Queen, J. M. Zadrozny, S. …

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