Johanna Huck


PhD student

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Gilman Hall, Room 1, University of California, Berkeley

Email: jobst[at] 

Phone: 510-408-8884

BS in Chemistry, Technical University Munich, Germany

MS in Chemistry, Technical University Munich, Germany

Johanna Huck personal page

EFRC research: Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) is one of the promising ways to significantly reduce the CO2 emission of power plants. The separation and compression of CO2, however, is currently considered the most energy consumptive part. It is therefore important to find adequate materials to reduce the energy load additionally imposed on a power plant which necessitates the development of a suitable metric to rank those materials. My research focuses on the  concept of parasitic energy as a potential means for evaluating CCS materials. By combining thermodynamic properties and optimizing the process conditions the energy requirement can be minimized for every single material. Ranking materials according to their energy efficiency in CCS not only provides a direct comparison to current state-of-art technologies like MEA but also enables the application of different capturing strategies. Further goals are to include all flue gas components like water into the concept of parasitic energy, indicate differences for gas-fired power plants and make suggestions for new materials based on the performance of hypothetical structures.

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