Prof. Miller was recently named co-recipient (with Prof. Noel S. Hush) of the 2007 Welch Award in Chemistry, one of the most prestigious in the field. This was the first time in nearly twenty-five years -- since Berkeley's own Prof. Kenneth S. Pitzer received the award in 1984 -- that theoretical chemists had been so honored.

The stated aim of the Welch Award is "to foster and encourage basic chemical research and to recognize, in a substantial manner, the value of chemical research contributions for the benefit of mankind." The Welch Foundation cited Prof. Miller's "pioneering development of the modern theory of chemical reaction dynamics and rates" as the basis for the award.

The award was presented to Profs. Miller and Hush as part of the 51st Welch Conference on Chemical Research in Houston, Texas (October 22-23, 2007). The conference, chaired by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail, had "Physical Biology -- From Atoms to Cells" as its focus and featured presentations from a diverse group of speakers, including Profs. Michele Parrinello, George M. Whitesides, David Baltimore, as well as the prize recipients. A short film produced by the Welch Foundation for the purpose of profiling Profs. Miller and Hush may be found here (MP4 format; best viewed with Quicktime).

In addition to the conference and award dinner in Houston in October, a luncheon in Prof. Miller's honor was held at the Berkeley University House on May 22, 2007. A selection of pictures from that luncheon may be found below.

The Millers with the Foundation
The Millers (center) with the visitors from the Welch Foundation (from left to right: Mrs. Mary Attwell, Prof. Norman Hackerman, President Norbert Dittrich, Prof. James L. Kinsey, and Chairman J. Evans Attwell).

Prof. Miller and Colleagues
Prof. Miller and colleagues (from left to right: Profs. William A. Lester, Jr., Martin Head-Gordon, Jhih-Wei Chu, David Chandler, C. William McCurdy, and Phillip L. Geissler).

The Miller Group
The Miller Group (from left to right: Shervin Fatehi, Nandini Ananth (upper) and Michael Small (lower), David W. H. Swenson, Dr. Thomas F. Miller, III, Drs. Jian Liu (upper) and Charulatha Venkataraman (lower), and Dr. Cristian Predescu).

Dean Michael A. Marletta
congratulating Prof. Miller
Chair of the Department of Chemistry Prof. Michael A. Marletta congratulates Prof. Miller.

Prof. Daniel E. Koshland
congratulating Prof. Miller
Previous Welch Award recipient Prof. Daniel E. Koshland congratulates Prof. Miller.

Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau
toasts Prof. Miller
Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau toasts Prof. Miller.
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