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  1. Dippel, A. D., Anderson, W. A., Evans, R. S., Deutsch, S., Hammond, M. C. "Chemiluminescent biosensors for detection of second messenger cyclic di-GMP" ACS Chem Bio (2018) in press. Link
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  2. Truong, J., Hsieh, Y.-F., Truong, L., Jia, G., Hammond, M. C. "Designing fluorescent biosensors using circular permutations of riboswitches" Methods (2018) in press. Link
    Related Highlights: "Designing Synthetic RNAs" special issue
  3. Villa, J. K.*, Su, Y.*, Contreras, L. M., Hammond, M. C. "Synthetic biology of small RNAs and riboswitches" Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea (2018) Invited contribution - in press.
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    Related Highlights: Future of Biochemistry special issue; College of Chemistry news story
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    Related Highlights: 2015 NIH High Risk-High Reward Symposium; Berkeley news story
  11. Muller, R. Y., Hammond, M. C., Rio, D. C., Lee, Y. J. "An efficient method for electroporation of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) into ENCODE Project Tier 1 GM12878 and K562 cell lines" J Biomol Tech (2015) 26, 142-149. Link
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    Related Highlights: 2015 Signaling Breakthroughs of the Year
  17. Kellenberger, C. A., Hallberg, Z. F., Hammond, M. C. "Live cell imaging using riboswitch-Spinach tRNA fusions as metabolite-sensing fluorescent biosensors" Methods in Mol Biol (2015) 1316, 87-103. Link to Chapter
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    Selected by NAR editors as a Featured Article
  28. Hammond, M. C. "A tale of two riboswitches" Nat Chem Biol (2011), 7, 342-3. Link

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    *co-first authors Link
Patents and Patent Applications
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