Zengzhao Li

Zengzhao Li

Office: 39 Gilman Hall
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Position: PostDoc

With Group Since: April 2019

Previous Affiliation: Lund University

Research Interests:
Zengzhao Li's research interests lie in the areas of theoretical quantum physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum information and computation. His recent project focuses on the study of non-Hermitian physics in the quantum realm. He is also interested in various research topics such as dynamics of open quantum systems, non-Markovian effect, stochastic Schrödinger equation, Majorana physics, phase-modulated nonlinear spectroscopy, and Floquet engineering of exotic properties of quantum systems.

Selected Publications
1) Quantum interference of topological states in a pumped Su-Schrieffer-Heeger lattice
Zeng-Zhao Li, Juan Atalaya, and K. Birgitta Whaley
arXiv: 2108:12012

2) Unraveling excitation energy transfer assisted by collective behaviors of vibrations
Zeng-Zhao Li, Liwen Ko, Zhibo Yang, Mohan Sarovar, and K. Birgitta Whaley
New J. Phys. 23,073012 (2021)

3) Probing weak dipole-dipole interaction using phase-modulated nonlinear spectroscopy
Zeng-Zhao Li, Lukas Bruder, Frank Stienkemeier, and Alexander Eisfeld
Phys. Rev. A 95, 052509 (2017)

4) Floquet engineering of long-range p-wave superconductivity: Beyond the high-frequency limit
Zeng-Zhao Li, Chi-Hang Lam, and J. Q. You
Phys. Rev. B 96, 155438 (2017)