Vladimir Kremenetski

Vladimir Kremenetski

Office: 412 O'Brian
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Position: Undergraduate Student

With Group Since: January 2017

Previous Affiliation: UC Berkeley

Physics/Applied Maths double major with a Computer Science Minor

Research Interests
Using quantum circuits to compute a better ansatz for ground state energies. In VQE, an initial guess for the ground state energy is usually provided by a tensor network calculation. Quantum circuits can represent tensors whose computation/contraction might prove to be classically intractable. I exploit this fact to construct quantum circuits that can be optimized to significantly outperform classical techniques (that use MERA networks) for finding ground states of certain Hamiltonians.

More recently, I've investigated the role of the maximum entanglement entropy as a potential marker for hard problems (problems requiring exponential run-time) in Adiabatic Quantum Computing.