John Paul Marceaux

John Paul Marceaux

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Position: Graduate Student

With Group Since: Aug 2020

Previous Affiliation: Louisiana State University

Research Interests:
My primary interest with the Whaley group is in quantum error correction. My current project, in collaboration with Dr. Kevin Young at the Sandia National Laboratory, focuses on the co-design of near-term, small-scale quantum error correction codes that can be tailored to match different classes and types of noise present on a given architecture. We are working to optimize codes specifically for the superconducting quantum testbed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the ion-trap quantum testbed at the Sandia National Laboratory. This includes developing predictive noise models of superconducting and ion-trap quantum architecture, which we verify with experimental tomography.

I am also interested in fundamental aspects of quantum science. In my past work, we linked the group/algebraic structure of 2-qubit Pauli algebras with topics in the field of combinatorial design, and I am interested in developing similar characterizations for general n-qubit systems and for the qudit. I am also interested in the role of Clifford/Geometric algebra in quantum information, and in the potential theoretical gains that can be achieved with such alternatives to matrix mechanics. Additionally, I am interested in using analogies from the visual and musical arts to build intuition for basic aspects of quantum information. This includes using elements in physical colorimetry and music theory to provide representations of the mathematical structure of the qubit and related systems.

Selected Publications
1)J. P. Marceaux, A. R. P. Rau. Quantum Information Processing 19, 49 (2020).