Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein

Office: 10 Gilman Hall
Phone: -

Position: Graduate Student in Physics

Previous Affiliation: Harvard University, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

With Group Since: January 2015

Research Interests:
I have worked on quantum information theory and statistical physics.

Selected Publications
NM Tubman, C Mejuto-Zaera, JME, D Hait, DS Levine, W Huggins, Z Jiang, JR McClean, R Babbush, M Head-Gordon, KB Whaley. Postponing the orthogonality catastrophe: efficient state preparation for electronic structure simulations on quantum devices. 2018

JME, K Klymko, KK Mandadapu. Statistical Mechanics of Transport Processes in Active Fluids II: Equations of Hydrodynamics for Active Brownian Particles. 2018

JME, KB Whaley. Quantum Speed Limits for Quantum Information Processing Tasks, Phys. Rev. A 95, 042314 (2017).

JME, AW Cross, E Magesan, JM Gambetta. Investigating the limits of randomized benchmarking protocols, Phys. Rev. A 89, 062321 (2014).