Daniel Freeman

Daniel Freeman

Office: 10 Gilman Hall
Phone: 713-417-8866
Website: http://sciencereview.berkeley.edu/author/dfreeman/

Position: Graduate Student

With Group Since: October 2012

Previous Affiliation: Texas A&M University

Research Interests:
Primarily, I study quantum error correcting codes at finite temperature. This involves the development of algorithms and simulations to characterize the lifetimes and noise thresholds of different systems. Most of my work has been on stabilizer codes like the Toric Code.

More recently, I have become interested in various topics in machine learning. I've studied the geometric properties of neural networks, and I would like to leverage the tools of statistical physics to better understand the expressive power of specific machine learning architectures.

Selected Publications
1) Relaxation dynamics of the toric code in contact with a thermal reservoir: Finite-size scaling in a low-temperature regime
CD Freeman, CM Herdman, DJ Gorman, KB Whaley
Physical Review B 90 (13), 134302

2) Engineering autonomous error correction in stabilizer codes at finite temperature
CD Freeman, CM Herdman, KB Whaley

3) Entanglement structure of non-equilibrium steady states
R Mahajan, CD Freeman, S Mumford, N Tubman, B Swingle

4) Topology and Geometry of Deep Rectified Network Optimization Landscapes
CD Freeman, J Bruna