Carlos Mejuto Zaera

Carlos Mejuto Zaera

Office: 19 Gilman Hall
Phone: -
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Position: Graduate Student

With Group Since: October 2016

Previous Affiliation: Technical University of Munich

Research Interests:
Quantum Phase Transitions, Entanglement Entropy in Trapped Molecular Systems, Path Integral Monte Carlo Methods, Embedding Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems

Selected Publications
1) Postponing the Orthogonality Catastrophe: Efficient State Preparation for Electronic Structure Simulations on Quantum Devices
NM Tubman, C Mejuto-Zaera, JM Epstein, D Hait, DS Levine, W Huggins, Z Jiang, JR McClean, R Babbush, M Head-Gordon, KB Whaley

2) Next Generation Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Simulations with the Adaptive Sampling Configuration Interaction Method
C Mejuto-Zaera, NM Tubman, KB Whaley