Carlos Mejuto Zaera

Carlos Mejuto Zaera

Office: 19 Gilman Hall
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Position: Graduate Student

With Group Since: October 2016

Previous Affiliation: Technical University of Munich

Research Interests:
I am studying strongly correlated many-body systems, particularly in the ambit of condensed matter physics. This involves the application of numerical methodologies going beyond the mean-field treatment with the goal of uncovering quantum phases of matter which may be of interest for material science applications.

On the example of the two dimensional Hubbard model and immediate extensions, I have been working on the development and application of both finite size multi-determinant algorithms (selective configuration interaction approaches) and embedding methods (dynamical mean-field theory and its cluster extensions) to study zero temperature phenomena. Recently, I have also started to look at the real time dynamics of these strongly correlated systems.

Selected Publications
1) Efficient hybridization fitting for dynamical mean-field theory via semi-definite relaxation
C Mejuto-Zaera, L Zepeda-Nunez, M Lindsey, NM Tubman, KB Whaley, L Lin
Phys. Rev. B 101, 035143 (2020).

2) Postponing the Orthogonality Catastrophe: Efficient State Preparation for Electronic Structure Simulations on Quantum Devices
NM Tubman, C Mejuto-Zaera, JM Epstein, D Hait, DS Levine, W Huggins, Z Jiang, JR McClean, R Babbush, M Head-Gordon, KB Whaley

3) Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Simulations with the Adaptive Sampling Configuration Interaction Method
C Mejuto-Zaera, NM Tubman, KB Whaley
Phys. Rev. B 100, 125165 (2019).