News: BQIC has moved to 412 O'Brien Hall

Whaley Research Group

Whaley group research is divided into two areas: quantum information and control, and large scale coherent systems. The latter includes helium clusters, BEC, and "cat states"ómesoscopic superpositions of quantum states.

Our research in quantum control and quantum information focuses on theoretical investigations of decoherence, robust and optimal quantum control, and efficient implementation of quantum information processing in a variety of physical systems. We have active collaborations with the Clarke group in studies of coupling and controlling superconducting qubits and with the Crommie group in scanning tunneling microscopy studies of quantum control and quantum dynamics of atomic and molecular magnetic spins adsorbed on surfaces.

We have collaborations with the Stamper-Kurn group in studies of quantum control of neutral atoms in cavities and applications thereof. Other projects on physical implementations include applications of neutral atoms in optical lattices to quantum information processing tasks. Our theoretical work in quantum computation is currently centered on topological quantum computation, namely processing quantum information in topologically protected states that are naturally immune to environmental decoherence. Our quantum information interests are currently centered on analysis of macroscopic quantum superpositions in interacting many-body systems. Other topics under study include feedback control and error correction.