Group Meeting

During the Fall Term 2019, group meeting takes place weekly on Wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm in Campbell 101D.

Jul. 24thArman BabakhaniApplications of Green's Functions in Physics
Jul. 29thMiroslav UrbanekQuantum Error Correction in VQE Circuits
Aug. 7thCarlos Mejuto ZaeraEfficient Hybridization Fitting for DMFT via Semi-Definite Relaxation
Aug. 28thRobert CookConditional Single Photon Dynamics in Photosynthetic Systems
Sep. 4thChristian ArenzComplete quantum-state tomography with a local random field
Sep. 11thRavi RauQubit symmetries, combinatorial designs, and a rainbow of four basic colours: Common Patterns
Sep. 18thZengZhao Litbd.
Oct. 2ndGerardo CardonaFeedback control for continuously measured quantum systems: Towards robust control design and simplified state estimation
Oct. 16thJordan CotlerQuantum Overlapping Tomography
Oct. 30thBill HugginsNOVQE
Nov. 13thRyan ShafferExperimentally-motivated benchmarking protocols for analog quantum simulators
Dec. 4thGillaume VerdonGenerative Modelling of Quantum Systems via Quantum Neural Networks