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  • Heteroatom-Tolerant Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursor Materials; by I. Ogino, E. A. Eilertsen, S. Hwang, T. Rea, D. Xie, X. Ouyang,S. I. Zones and A. Katz*, Chem. Mater. , 2013, 25 (9), 1502–1509 DOI: 10.1021/cm3032785

  • Accessible gold clusters using calix[4]arene N-heterocyclic carbene and phosphine ligands; by M. M. Nigra, A. J. Yeh, A. Okrut, A.G. DiPasquale, S.W. Yeh, A. Solovyov and A. Katz* Dalton Trans., 2013, 42 12762-12771. DOI: 10.1039/C3DT50804H

  • Identification of site requirements for reduction of 4-nitrophenol using gold nanoparticle catalysts; by M.M. Nigra, J. Ha and A. Katz* Catal. Sci. Technol, 2013, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C3CY00298E

  • Understanding the Role of Defect Sites in Glucan Hydrolysis on Surfaces; by O. M. Gazit and A. Katz J. Am. Chem., Soc., 2013 135 (11) , 4398–4402 DOI: 10.1021/ja311918z


  • Catalytic consequences of open and closed grafted Al(III)-calix[4]arene complexes for hydride and oxo transfer reactions; P. Nandi, W. Tang, A. Okrut, X. Kong, S. Hwang, M. Neurock, and A. Katz, PNAS, 2012 110, 2484-2489

  • Gold nanoparticle-catalyzed reduction in a model system: Quantitative determination of reactive heterogeneity of a supported nanoparticle surface; by M. M. Nigra, I. Arslan, and A. Katz J. Catal., 2012 295, 115–121

  • Glucan Adsorption on Mesoporous Carbon Nanoparticles: Effect of Chain Length and Internal Surface; by P. Chung*, A. Charmot, O.M. Gazit, and A. Katz* Langmuir, 2012 28 (43), 15222–15232 DOI: 10.1021/la3030364

  • “Structures and Stability of Irn(CO)m“ by M. Chen, J.E. Dyer, B.C. Gates, A. Katz & D.A. Dixon, Molecular Physics: An International Journal at the Interface Between Chemistry and Physics, 2012, 110, 15-13.  To link to this invited article:

  • “Chemisorption and Dehydration of Ethanol on Silica: Effect of Temperature on Selectivity” by T. Luts and A. Katz*, Topics in Catalysis, 2012, 55, 84.92.

  • "Stabilization of coordinatively unsaturated Ir4 clusters with bulky calix[4]arene phosphine ligands: A comparative study of mechanical and chemical effects" by A. Okrut, O.M. Gazit, N. de Silva, R. Nichiporuk, A. Solovyov, and A. Katz*, Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 2091-2099, DOI: 10.1039/C1DT11734C.
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  • “Grafted Poly(1→4-β-glucan) Strands on Silica:  A Comparative Study of Reactivity as a Function of Grafting Density” by O.M. Gazit and A. Katz*, Langmuir, 2012,  28 (1), 431-437. DOI: 10.1021/la2036482. 
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  • “Silica Supported Aminoxyls as Reactive Materials for NOx Removal” by T. Luts, E. Iglesia, and A. Katz*, Journal of Materials Chemistry 2011, 21, 982-990. 
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  • “Nonaqueous Fluoride/Chloride Anion-Promoted Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursors:  Exfoliation of PREFER” by E.A. Eilertsen, I. Ogino, S-J. Hwang, T. Rea, S. Yeh, S.I. Zones, and A. Katz*, Chem. Mater. 2011, 23, 5404-5408.

  • “MPV Reduction Using AlIII-Calix[4]arene Lewis Acid Catalysts: Molecular-Level Insight Into Effect of Ketone Binding” by P. Nandi, Y.I. Matvieiev, V.I. Boyko, K.A. Durkin, V.I. Kalchenko, and A. Katz*, J. Cat. 2011, 284, 42-49.

  • [Link] Ogino, I.; Nigra, M.M.; Hwang, S-J.; Ha, J-M.; Rea, T.; Zones, S., and Katz, A.; Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursors under Mild Conditions: Synthesis of UCB-1 via Fluoride/Chloride Anion-Promoted Exfoliation, J. Am. Chem. Soc.., 2011, DOI: 10.1021/ja111147z (Article ASAP).

  • [Link] Gazit, O.M.; Charmot, A.; Katz, A.; Grafted cellulose strands on the surface of silica: effect of environment on reactivity, Chem. Comm., 2011, 47, 376-378.


  • [Link] Charmot, A.; and Katz, A.; Unexpected phosphate salt-catalyzed hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds in model disaccharides: Cellobiose and maltose, 2010, J. Catal., 276, 1-5.

  • [Link] de Silva, N.; Ha, J.-M.; Solovyov, A.; Nigra, M.M.; Ogino, I.; Yeh, S.W;. Durkin, K.A.; and Katz, A.; A bioinspired approach for controlling accessibility in calix[4]arene-bound metal cluster catalysts, Nature Chem., 2010, 2, 1062-1068.

  • [Link] Ha, J.-M.; Soloyyov, A.; and Katz, A.; Accessibility in Calix[8]arene-Bound Gold Nanoparticles: Crucial Role of Induced-Fit Binding, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2010, 114, 16060-16070.

  • [Link] de Silva, N.; Solovyov, A.; and Katz, A.; Patterned metal polyhedra using calixarenes as organizational scaffolds: Ir-4-based cluster assemblies, Dalton Trans., 2010, 39, 2194-2197.


  • [Link]  Ha, J.-M.; Solovyov, A.; and Katz, A.; Synthesis and Characterization of Accessible Metal Surfaces in Calixarene-Bound Gold Nanoparticles, Langmuir, 2009, 25, 10548-10553.

  • [Link]  de Silva, N.; Hwang, S.-J.; Durkin, K. A. and Katz, A.; Vanadocalixarenes on Silica: Requirements for Permanent Anchoring and Electronic Communication, Chem. Mater., 2009, 21, 1852-1860.

  • [Link]  Ha, J.-M.; Solovyov, A.; and Katz, A.; Postsynthetic Modification of Gold Nanoparticles with Calix[4]arene Enantiomers: Origin of Chiral Surface Plasmon Resonance, Langmuir, 2009, 25, 153-158.

  • [Link]  Ha, J.-M.; Katz, A.; Drapailo A. B.; and Kalchenko, V. I.; Mercaptocalixarene-Capped Gold Nanoparticles via Postsynthetic Modification and Direct Synthesis: Effect of Calixarene Cavity-Metal Interactions, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2009, 113, 1137-1142.


  • [Link]  Solovyov, A.; Amundsen, T. J.; Daniels, J. J.; Kim, Y.-G.; and Katz, A.; Primary Amine Confinement at the Interface of Grafted Calixarenes and Silica, Chem. Mater., 2008, 20, 6316-6318.

  • [Link]  Solovyov, A.; Notestein, J. M.; Durkin, K. A.; and Katz, A.; Graftable chiral ligands for surface organometallic materials: calixarenes bearing asymmetric centers directly attached to the lower rim, New J. Chem., 2008, 32, 1314-1325.

  • [Link]  Notestein, J. M.; Solovyov, A.; Andrini, L. R.; Requejo, F. G; Katz, A.; and Iglesia, E.; The Role of Outer-Sphere Surface Acidity in Alkene Epoxidation Catalyzed by Calixarene ­ Ti(IV) Complexes, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129, 15585-15595.

  • [Link]  Notestein, J. M.; Iglesia, E.; and Katz, A.; Photoluminescence and Charge-Transfer Complexes of Calixarenes Grafted on TiO2 Nanoparticles, Chem. Mater., 2007, 19, 4998-5005.

  • [Link]  Notestein, J. M.; Andrini, L. R.; Kalchenko, V. I.; Requejo, F. G; Katz, A.; and Iglesia, E.; Structural Assessment and Catalytic Consequences of the Oxygen Coordination Environment in Grafted Ti - Calixarenes, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129, 1122-1131.

  • [Link]  Notestein, J.M.; Katz, A.; and Iglesia, E.; Energetics of Small Molecule and Water Complexation in Hydrophobic Calixarene Cavities, Langmuir, 2006, 22, 4004-4014.

  • [Link]  Bass, J. D.; and Katz, A. Bifunctional Thermolytic Imprinting of Silica: Synthesis and Characterization of Discrete Thiol-Amine Functional Group Pairs, Chem. Mater., 2006, 18, 1611-1620.

  • [Link]  Bass, J.D.; Solovyov, A.; Pascall, A.J.; and Katz, A. Acid-Base Bifunctional and Dielectric Outer-Sphere Effects in Heterogeneous Catalysis: A Comparative Investigation of Model Primary Amine Catalysts, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128, 3737-3747.

  • [Link]  Defreese, J. L.; Hwang, S.J.; Parra-Vasquez, A.N.G.; and Katz, A. Molecular Motion of Tethered Molecules in Bulk and Surface-Functionalized Materials: A Comparative Study of Confinement, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128, 5687-5694.

  • [Link]  Notestein, J.M.; and Katz, A. Enhancing Heterogeneous Catalysis via Cooperative Organic-Inorganic Interfaces, Chem.-Eur. J., 2006, 12, 3854-3965 .

  • [Link]  Defreese, J. L.; and Katz, A. Shape-Selective Covalent Binding in Bulk, Microporous Imprinted Silica, Micropor. Mesopor. Mat., 2005, 89, 25-32.

  • [Link]  Defreese, J.L.; and Katz, A. Synthesis of Confined Chiral Organic Catalysts via Imprinting of Silica, Chem. Mater, 2005, 17, 6503-6506.

  • [Link]  Poovarodom, S.; Bass, J.D.; Hwang, S.J.; and Katz, A. Investigation of the Core-Shell Interface in Gold@Silica Nanoparticles: A Silica Imprinting Approach, Langmuir, 2005, 21, 12348-12356.

  • [Link]  Tirell, M.V. and Katz, A. Self-Assembly in Materials Synthesis, MRS Bulletin, 2005, 30, 1-2.

  • [Link]  Notestein, J. M.; Iglesia, E.; and Katz, A. Grafted Metallocalixarenes as Single Site Surface Organometallic Catalysts, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2004, 126, 16478-16486.

  • [Link]  Bass, J. and Katz, A. Thermolytic Synthesis of Imprinted Amines in Bulk Silica, Chemistry of Materials, 2003, 15, 2757-2763.

  • [Link]  Bass, J.; Anderson, S. A.; Katz, A. The Effect of Outer-Sphere Acidity on Chemical Reactivity in a Synthetic Heterogeneous Catalyst, Angewandte Chemie, Int. Ed. in Eng.. 2003, 42, 5219-5222.

  • [N/A]  Defreese, J. L.; Katz, A. Imprinting Bulk Inorganic Oxides in Molecularly Imprinted Materials: Science and Technology. Yan, M.; Ramstrom, O., Eds. Marcel Dekker: New York, 2004.

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  • [Link]  Davis, M. E.; Katz, A.; Ahmad, W. R. Rational Catalyst Design via Imprinted Nanostructured Materials, Chem. Mat., 1996, 8, 1820-1839.

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  • Bass, J. D.; Katz, A. Thermolytic Synthesis of Inorganic Oxides Imprinted with Functional Moieties, US Pat Appl 10/806825, 2004.

  • Katz, A.; Iglesia, E.; Notestein, J. M. Novel Immobilized Calixarenes and Related COmpounds and Process for Their Production, US Pat Appl 20030228974, 2003.

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